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How does JARO appearl to the public?
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  3. How does JARO appearl to the public?

How does JARO appeal to the public?

[Public Relations Committee & Kansai Committee]

Due to its limited resources, JARO has traditionally relied on media members for its nation-wide publicity. Almost all of the broadcasters and newspaper publishers voluntarily donate time or space to make JARO more well known. If JARO had to pay for such advertising costs, it would have amounted to around 4.3billion yen in 2012. Such media support has been a constant feature of the Organization since its creation. The Public Relations Committee of thirteen members is in charge of PR planning. In addition, the Kansai Committee takes the responsibility of planning and conducting PR activities in the Kansai region and of recruiting JARO members therein.

[Meetings with private & public sectors]

It is very important for JARO to maintain communication with public and private sectors so as to help them gain a deeper understanding of its role and to obtain their cooperation. For the public sector, JARO routinely holds meetings with officers representing: 12 Ministries, the municipalities around the Metropolitan Tokyo area and central and local consumer centers. For the private sector, JARO has a conversation with the representatives of: consumer advocate groups, ad-related bodies and fair trade associations.

[Publication & participation]

Meanwhile, the JARO staff responds to the increasing requests from the public or business societies which want to know the role or function of JARO or about current issues of advertising. Staff members have traveled throughout the country to participate in the 57 meetings, training sessions and seminars held by public and private sectors in 2012. As JARO becomes more familiar to the public, media coverage also increases and, in some instances, radio stations have called JARO directly during live broadcasts.

Further, JARO issues a newsletter and a case report monthly, as well as a world report yearly, for the purpose of keeping the members informed of JARO findings and making public the current topics of advertising self-regulation, domestic and international. Also for information to its members, JARO compiles the Precedential Report containing cases already concluded which the Final Review Panel has selected as precedents.